OEM service

Chef Hung is committed to providing safe, delicious and hygienic products. He has built a complete central kitchen factory. The factory has passed ISO 22000 food safety and hygiene management system certification and HACCP food safety management system certification and other food safety related certifications, and the production process standards are systematic , In line with food hygiene and safety regulations.


 Advantages of  Chef Hung Central Kitchen

  • Comply with international food safety regulations
  • Experienced catering team
  • Use high-quality ingredients as raw materials
  • Professional cooking and conditioning equipment
  • Full-time food technician

Our Services:


  • OEM 
  • ODM 
  • Customized R&D
  • Ingredient supply
  • Semi-finished products supply
  • Business package supply
  • Technical support
  • Business counseling

Chef  Hung has served and provided products to restaurants, bars, coffee store, snack store, landscape restaurants, hotels, hostel, home stays, airport VIP rooms, business centers, apartment buildings and other places.

We can design, produce, and produce different products according to your needs.

OEM items:

Frozen: beef preparation package/cooking package, marinated beef, beef tendon, tripe

【Normal temperature】: Beef jerky

If you have any needs, please call or email to us. Chef Hung is here to serve you sincerely.

Customer Service Telephone / 02-2243-2853 #27

Customer service mailbox / chefhungcsd@gmail.com