About Chef Hung

Since the creation of the name of Chef Hung in 1995, Chef Hung has been committed to the production, development, and innovation of beef noodles. Uphold the spirit of making the best beef noodles.




Chef Hung has set more than 5 beef noodle festival championships since 2007 and has won various beef cuisine awards many times.



Chef Hung continues to specialize in culinary art. After 25 years of accumulation and hardening, he has developed a variety of exclusive noodles and special techniques, as well as beef peripheral products, frozen preparation packs, beef jerky, and chili peppers.

Chef Hung builds his central kitchen. The products are produced on a large scale, using high-quality raw material suppliers, and using professional equipment and technology to standardize the cooking process and ensure the consistency of meal quality.

Chef Hung passed

ISO 22000 Food Safety and Hygiene Management System Certification

HACCP Food Safety Management System Certification

With enthusiasm, innovation, and strict selection of ingredients as the business philosophy, pay attention to the principles of freshness, nature, and health, strengthen quality management, improve technical levels, and produce healthy and high-quality products.

Chef Hung conducts regular food inspections

Contains 48 animal medicines, vegetable and fruit pesticides, no heavy metal residues,

In addition to SGS certification, there are also FSI inspection companies,

Ensure that each product meets hygiene management standards,

Let you buy at ease and eat at ease.

Company information

Company Name: Chef Hung Industrial Co., Ltd.


Contact number: +886 2  2243 2853 ext.27


Email: chefhungcsd@gmail.com


Company Address: 6th Floor, No. 5, Alley 2, Lane 222, Liancheng Road, Zhonghe District, New Taipei City