Return Policy

According to Article 2 Paragraph 1 of the 'Criteria for the Application of Reasonable Exceptions to the Termination of Communication Transactions': 'Commodities that are prone to corruption, have a short storage period, or are about to expire when the contract is terminated' belong to the proviso of Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law. Called reasonable exceptions. Since January 1, 2015, fresh food does not apply to Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Law and does not enjoy a 7-day appreciation period, because refrigerated food or fresh goods are consumable goods, the attributes of the goods are special or there are issues such as shelf life, Except for the defect of the product itself or the damage caused by the shipping process, your return application can be accepted. For non-commodity defects, we will not be able to handle returns and exchanges for you. Please consider and inquire clearly before placing an order! Once the product has deteriorated due to unpacking, eating, loss of temperature, and poor storage, your return application cannot be processed, please forgive us!

If the goods are defective, the goods are damaged or the items are incorrect during transportation, please take photos and record the certificate within 2 hours of receiving the goods and contact customer service immediately, and be sure to keep the goods in their original condition to arrange the subsequent return and exchange processing.

If the following conditions are met, the customer service staff will arrange the return and exchange related matters for you as soon as possible:
1. The goods are defective or damaged.
2. Due to the error in the operating procedure, the delivered goods do not match the ordered goods.
3. The accessories and contents in a single product package are not complete.

Return and exchange process

1. Confirm the reason for the return and exchange with the customer service staff.
2. Keep the integrity of the goods and send them to the designated location of Master Hong together with the invoice. If there are gifts or additional purchases, they must be sent back together.
3. The time to wait for Master Hong to complete the inspection and acceptance of the goods is about 7 working days.
4. It can be exchanged for equivalent goods or make up the difference in exchange for other goods.
5. The refund will send you a discount coupon of the equivalent amount. If there is no shopping demand, for the time being, we will refund you according to the original payment method.
6. Depending on the method, the refund time will take about 3 to 14 working days.

Consumer Service-Hotline: +886 2-2243-2853 ext.26
Service time: Monday to Friday 09:00-18:00 (no service provided on holidays)
You can also send a private message to our Facebook or LINE official account