Q & A

If you can’t find the answer you want, please contact us.

How to order online?

1. Select the product and add to cart. Fill in the information of the orderer. Check out and submit the order.
2. After receiving the order, about 1~3 working days to help you deliver the goods.
3. If the product cannot be delivered within the regular time due to weather or other unpredictable factors, no further notice will be given.

Why can't I check out?

1. Please confirm whether there are both 'room temperature products' and 'frozen' products in your shopping cart.
2. As the delivery temperature is different, the freight will be calculated separately and cannot be checked out at the same time. Please delete the room temperature products before checking out.
3. After finishing the frozen products, you can add the desired room temperature products to the shopping cart to checkout!

What kind of product are"Room temperature" or "Frozen" ?

Room temperature products: beef jerky, chili sauce
Frozen products: beef noodles,  appetizer

Your goods use a different delivery method or payment method, please choose another effective method and start again?

Because our products are divided into [normal temperature] and [frozen], the delivery temperature is different, the order needs to be calculated separately, please buy separately.

What can I do to become a member?

1. Free shipping on orders over 1500 TWD.
2. You can also enjoy get discounts when you join a member! Exclusive to members!
3. Special offer for birthday of the month

※ Intimate reminder: Please confirm the content of the order and fill in the correct basic personal information before checking out, so as not to affect the future membership rights! ※

How to calculate the shipping cost?

1. [Normal temperature] Home delivery shipping fee is 150 yuan, [Frozen] Low-temperature home delivery shipping fee is 250 yuan.

2. Superstore pick-up is currently limited to [normal temperature] products, the shipping fee is 70 yuan, and the size of the package is limited.
If the product exceeds the quantity, please make up the difference in freight or change the delivery method.

3. Additional freight charges are required for Taiwan's outlying islands.


1. 請先找到右上方人像進入會員資訊。

2. 找到您的訂單,按【查閱】。







How to receive the birthday star discount of the month?

Please remember to fill in your birthday in your personal information in the upper right corner,

Then use the [Contact Us] function of the webpage or the fan group to privately message your birthday date, and we will send you a coupon.



What is the promotion code?

1. Please enter the discount code in the order information on the shopping cart page, and you can enjoy special discounts after applying.
2. Each order is limited to one set of promotional codes.

Will there be an invoice for the goods ordered?

The invoice will be attached to you with the goods, or you can send the remarks directly to your e-mail box. If you need a triple invoice, please help us remark your header and compile it.

Why did the credit card checkout fail?

Please check if there is a notification of the credit card amount first.

The following are common reasons for failure, for your reference,

  1. Enter the wrong card number, holder, date, security code and other information
  2. 3D verification failed, SMS password was not entered within the time limit or wrong
  3. Your credit card has no 3D verification, please contact your issuing bank
  4. Credit card expired
  5. Mobile phone users are recommended to use built-in browsers such as Chrome and Safari.

If the card is not successfully swiped, please place the order again. We must wait for the payment to be completed before shipping.

Are there any discounts for bulk orders?

If you have a large order demand, please contact us.

Can I buy goods when I'm not in Taiwan?

Friends from overseas are also welcome to contact us, there will be different ways to meet your needs.

Return & exchange

If you have any doubts about the goods, you can first understand our return policy
Customer Service Hotline: 02-2243-2853 #26
Service time: Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00 (no service provided on holidays)
You can also privately message our Facebook fan group or LINE official account