Simply make Chef Hung’s beef noodles

A few super simple steps,

so that Master Hong’s champion will be faithfully presented,

Enjoy a bowl of delicious beef noodles anytime.

1. Prepared ingredients

Soup and noodles do not need to be thawed or deiced,
You can also prepare your favorite green vegetables, green onion, sauerkraut and other ingredients.

2. The soup bag is heated over water

The cooking bag does not need to be thawed, add water to cover the cooking bag,

Boil the water on high heat until it boils. If the water boils too much, you can reduce the heat.

Continue for about 7
10 minutes until the cooking bag is fully heated.

3. Roll into the noodles

Place the noodles directly after the water is boiled, and cook the frozen cooked noodles for about 30 seconds.
Use a tong or spoon to spread the noodles and pick them up.

4. Prepare the side dishes

Heat up your favorite vegetables or eggs, or cook them your way.

5. Pour noodles and soup into a bowl

Put the noodles in a bowl, tear the soup bag carefully, or cut it with scissors,
Slowly pour the soup into the bowl, being careful not to spray out and burn it.

Add your favorite side dishes to easily complete a bowl of delicious beef noodles.
Enjoying food is that simple!